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Advanced Radar Imaging of Avalanche Dynamics (Geodar)

Vallee de la Sionne


This project involves the development, testing, installation and application of a novel, high resolution radar system for measuring the dynamics of large-scale mass flows such as snow avalanches. The radar is installed at Vallee de la Sionne, Switzerland, in the bunker from which the photo was taken. Using our instrument we have a unique capability to resolve the structure of the dense layer of the flwoing avalanche. This will lead to better models for avalanche dynamics.



Research area(s)

Project dates

Start date: 
January 2013
End date: 
December 2015

People involved

Matthew Ash (UCL)
Paul Brennan (UCL)
Jim McElwaine (Durham University)
Nathalie Vriend (University of Cambridge)
Betty Sovilla (SLF, Switzerland)


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