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PODDEM is a state of the art detection and estimation method for outliers in Particle Image Velocimetry data. The details of the algorithm are published in: Higham, J., Brevis, W., Keylock, C.J. 2016. A rapid non-iterative proper orthogonal decomposition based outlier detection and correction for PIV data, Measurement Science and... Read more
This is our implementation of the Transportation Distance Metric of Moeckel and Murray (1997) for finding the distance between time series. We used it with Gradual Wavelet Reconstruction (GWR) to analyse gravel bed elevation data in a paper published in Journal of Geophysical Research . The figure shows how the... Read more
The Matlab code in the zipped folder performs gradual wavelet reconstruction. The code requires the WMTSA2.1 toolbox. The 2.6 version may be downloaded from http://www.atmos.washington.edu/~wmtsa/ . I am working on compatibility issues at present. The image is taken from work with the Physics group at the University of Oldenburg and... Read more
Software for performing Particle Tracking Velocimetry as described in: Brevis, W. et al. 2011. Integrating cross-correlation and relaxation algorithms for particle tracking velocimetry, Experiments in Fluids 50, 135-147. Read more